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2023-2024 Student Leadership Team


Major: Animal Science, c/o 2024

Hobbies: reading, cooking, exploring new places

Beach or Mountains? Beach, sunsets and sand castles!

If life were a song...

dear parents - sundial

Audrey Chiu (She/Her)
College Ministry Coordinator


Major: Computer Science and Engineering, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Riding my bike for hours, playing video games

Favorite study spot? Sometimes obscure corners in Shields Library call to me

Kyungbong Ko (He/Him)
College Ministry Coordinator


Major: Food Science, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Dancing, baking, going on walks, and drinking charged lemonades from Panera hehe

Favorite Study Spot: Panera!

If life were a song...

It's Always Been You - Phil Wickham

Joseph Montemayor (He/Him)
College Ministry Coordinator


Major: Economics and Sociology, c/o 2026

Hobbies: Basketball, dancing, golf, Pokémon Go

If life were a song...

Logical by Olivia Rodrigo because love is never logical!!

Aidan Park (He/Him)
College Ministry Coordinator


Major: Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, c/o 2026

Hobbies: Taking naps, reading, spending time with Kona (my cat)

Best Study Spot Philz Coffee or the Library

Ashly Chavez-Acosta (She/Her)
College Ministry Coordinator


Major: Sociology and Psychology Double Major, c/o 2026

Hobbies: Crocheting, playing piano, and playing tennis

Favorite Study Spot: A window seat on the second floor of the Shields Library

Julia Carlson (She/Her)
Freshman Small Group Leader


Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Swimming, trying new boba shops, board games

If life were a song..."Keep Me in the Moment" - Jeremy Camp. I got to focus on the present and enjoy college!

Kyle Tseng (He/Him)
Freshmen Small Group Leader


Major: Human Development, c/o 2026

Hobbies: Artsy-Fartsy stuff, reading, cooking/baking

Best Study Spot:

COHO South because it has a computer lab comfy chairs with desks and a dispense your own hot water station!

Shannon Cockeril (She/Her)
Freshman Small Group Leader/MC


Major: Biotechnology, c/o 2024

Hobbies: Music, calligraphy, and reading :)

If life were a song it would be... A long and weird one, like Bohemian Rhapsody!

Darby Bryan (She/Her)
Worship Leader


Major: Genetics and Genomics, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Archery, skating, video games, crochet

Best Study Spot: Upstairs at the Silo

Dani Pham (She/Her)
Events Coordinator


Major: Clinical Nutrition, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Drumming and Fitness!!

If life were a song it would be... All Star by Smash Mouth (oldie but a goodie) because his song has always boosted my mood!

Allie Amirault (She/Her)
Young Adult Liaison


Major: Native American Studies, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Drawing, walking outside, soccer and videography

If life were a song...

Hope in Front of Me by Danny Gokey because that's what relates to me at the current moment 

Stormi Alejandre (She/Her)


Major: Psychology, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Gaming, Photography, and Videography

Best Study Spot: Shield's Library 3rd floor in the back, it is quiet and has some comfy sofas

Ben Kim (He/Him)


Major: Early Childhood Development, c/o 2025

Hobbies: Biking, Video Games, cooking/baking, skiing

If life were a song...


Sean Duffy (He/Him)
Welcome Team

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